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Is the cost of moving house set to rise before or after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted?

At the moment we are in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown and nothing is certain. It is not clear whether some companies will survive while others will go under; whether some people will have a job to go back to and others will become unemployed. It is however, certain that the cost of some things will increase as demand outstrips supply. But what about moving house, how will costs fluctuate? If Dubai is anything to go by we may see some increases from removal companies. The cost of packing and moving to a new house has increased by up to 40 per cent in Dubai, according to some companies.

Part of the increase is because residents who move homes during the Covid-19 restrictions have to obtain a permit from authorities, which the removal companies can obtain on their behalf.

Removal companies in Dubai are only allowed to work short hours and have to adhere to strict guidelines. They are only able to have three people in a single van and carry out the removal using social distancing regulations. All workers have to wear masks and gloves as well as using sanitisers.

According to Owais, shifting a studio apartment was only a day’s job earlier, but now it takes two days. “Also, we use only one truck and allow only four people to sit in the vehicle due to social distance guidelines. All these factors have led to higher costs for us,” said Owais.

Hamid Lodhi, CEO of Zuhal Pack International, also agreed that the cost has gone up as companies work shorter hours.

Lynnette Abad, director of research and data at Property Finder, said life has not stopped as people are moving and properties are still being transferred.

Could the same thing happen in Scotland and the UK? We don’t know but one thing is certain if you are thinking of moving during the Coronavirus pandemic make sure you:-

  • use a reputable removals company like Kingdom Removals;
  • follow government guidelines and instructions;
  • obtain any permits or permissions which may be required for your move;
  • let your neighbours know that you are moving and have adhered to all the government guidance and restrictions.

Keep safe.

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