Our guide to switching energy supplier when moving home.

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Moving home is stressful enough, but even more so when you’re switching your energy supplier. But this is often a good opportunity to save some cash and get yourself a better deal! It’s never been easier to switch supplier as it is now and we’ve put together a basic guide to help you.

1. Inform your current energy supplier that you’re moving house
The first thing to do is to let your current supplier know your moving house. Then you can ask them to send your final bill to your new address. Take a note of the reading of both gas and electricity before leaving the house.

2. Find your new gas and electricity meters
We know there is a million and one things to do on moving in day, but it is important to find where your gas and electricity meters are. It shouldn’t take a detective to find them, they are usually located under the stairs or tucked away in a cupboard somewhere.

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3. Take a reading from your new gas and electricity meters
You don’t want to be charged for any energy you haven’t used, so take a note of the readings, and you can even take a photo of both the gas and electricity readings.

4. Start shopping around for the best deals.
It really is very easy these days to switch supplier and there are websites ready to help you every step off the way, we recommend: money supermarket or compare the market

Both these websites will compare the best deals and once you have chosen your new supplier, they will even do all the hard work for you, including contacting your old supplier to let them know you are switching.

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