Moving Home Tips With The Older Generation

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No matter what your age is, when moving home it is not always that simple and easy, whether that be mental or physical demanding.

But when relocating in your later life, especially if the house being moved from holds a lifetime of memories, it can be extremely daunting for the older generation.

However, when moving house in old age it usually makes a lot of sense, and there are so many good reasons to move house as we become older.

  • Care and support
  • Near to family
  • Financial
  • Relieve loneliness or isolation
  • New interests


If you have to assist with moving an elderly person to a new home, it will certainly take a lot of care, patience and understanding from you.

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Considerations When Moving the Elderly

When we get older we don’t have the same energy levels as when younger. Moving house is hard with so much to do even before we move any items, it is best to take the house move process at a slow pace when older.

  • Older people’s health has to be took into consideration.
  • Effects of old memories


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Packing and Moving to A New Home

Packing is one of the most time-consuming parts of moving home, and certainly when moving big furniture, it is no easy task.

It is often best, and less stressful for the moving person, to let the professional packers take care of packing items to be moved.

One thing you may wish to pack yourself is items that have a high value. When doing so ensure that items you do pack by yourself are labelled clearly so that when the move happens you know exactly what is in each box or bag so that they can be easily located. This is one of the best tips as people sometimes forget what type of box they have stored their contents in.

It is a good idea to pack important documents separately so they are easily found if something arises. Due to houses containing more items than ever before and with larger expanding families. The packing process can take weeks, so if you are looking for that document you packed at the very beginning you will want to find that quick and simple with the method explained above. Making you super organised

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Considerations On Moving Day

You will need to be there to help, support and comfort the older generations on what may be a very traumatic day for them.

Hiring the professionals will help with the stress of moving and transporting the items, leaving you to solely care for the person.

Try to make their day as relaxed as it can be by focusing on all the positive parts of a home move.

Take them for lunch, spend the day in their favourite place or anything that can take their mind of what is actually happening, this will keep the older generation less stressed about what the professionals are doing, allowing them to get the job done

One excellent thing to do is to have familiar photos or any special ornaments out on display for when the person arrives in the new house so that it feels like home to them already.

Final Thing

By doing most if not all tips above will alleviate the stress of each part of moving from before to packing to moving day.

Craig Keddie is the Managing Director at Kingdom Removals in Edinburgh. Craig has over 10 years of experience in home and business removals within Scotland, England, and Europe.

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