Packing for Moving Home – The plastic method

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The very most important boxes to pack when you are moving home is your open first box or boxes. These boxes will have nearly everything you will need to get you through that first moving day to get you settled into your new home. This could be from food and drinks, to vital medication of the home mover’s family, these boxes are an essential part of your home move planning process and will help to get you through moving day as stress-free as physically possible.

Let’s talk plastic for home moving and how many?

In the 21st century the modern alternative to the traditional cardboard packing boxes are plastic tubs, not the plastic tubs for storing food, I am talking about the large ones that you would use to store kids toys etc. which are not only Strong but also eco-friendlier, you can even hire these plastic boxes, so they offer a great alternative to the traditional cardboard box. This type also is a time saver as you don’t need to build them giving your move a faster approach.

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How Many to Move A 1 Bedroom House?

A couple in a 1-bedroom property, you will need, on average:

  • 20 x (710 x 460 x 375mm) Roughly

How Many to Move A 2-3 Bedroom House?

A family of 3-4 people with an average amount of possessions will need:

  • 40 x Plastic totes (710 x 460 x 375mm) Roughly

How Many to Move A 3-4 Bedroom Home?

family of 4, moving the average number of items, you will require:

  • 50 x Plastic totes (710 x 460 x 375mm) Roughly

It is well known that packing is the worst part of moving home, leaving it to the professionals is the best route if you want a stress-free house move.

A free home moving estimate is available by contacting us so that you can get a quote on what the costs of a full moving service from a reputable removal company would be.

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