Let’s just move ourselves, it will be a lot cheaper … or will it?

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You know that moving house is going to be stressful, you know you have lots of extra stuff you never use and you know you want it over and done with as quickly as possible. So let’s consider what’s involved in moving house yourself.

First of all you’ve got to decide which belongings you are taking with you. This will determine the size of van you need to hire. You’ve got absolutely no experience of transport logistics so how do you know the size of van you need? If you hire the wrong size it is going to be an expensive mistake – either you need to make 2 or 3 trips or you have a half empty van. An experienced removals company, such as Kingdom Removals, can easily assess the cubic feet required to accommodate all your belongings. This is a cost effective solution.

Next you need to determine how many boxes you need and what about bubble wrap? Again this can be expensive if you buy too many or too few. Best leave it to the professionals, this is a cost effective solution.

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You think packing a suitcase to go on holiday is a nightmare, just wait until you start filling boxes with your precious belongings, especially the fragile items. Broken or damaged items can become an expensive mistake. Yes you can pack your belongings yourself but best leave it to the professionals, this is a cost effective solution.

You may wish to take beds, sofas and large heavy items to your new home. A professional removals company such as Kingdom Removals have the knowledge and experience in dismantling beds, carrying very heavy items and ensuring that everything is placed in your new home exactly where you want them.  You are paying a small price to take the stress and heavy lifting out of your removal. Best leave it to the professionals, this is a cost effective solution.

Award winning Edinburgh based removals company Kingdom Removals have the knowledge, skills, experience and most importantly the empathy to make your move go as smoothly and cost effectively as possible. No need to try to save a few pounds and cause yourself all sorts of heartache, backache and emotional stress. Contact Kingdom Removals and bring a little sunshine into your move.

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