What to do with the boxes after moving day?

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What to do with the boxes after moving day?

There is only one correct answer – build a fort!

This isn’t actually as crazy as it sounds, it will keep the kids and – probably Dad as well – occupied for hours, leaving you with precious time to get everything unpacked and in its correct place in your new home.

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You’ll need your cardboard boxes of course, a marker pen for the finishing touches and some packing tape for structural integrity. Cardboard tubes are great for reinforcing the sides, walls and roof of your fort so if you have any spare then keep them to one side The best forts are always the biggest so try and get as many boxes as you can.

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Plan your fort out first by assessing what boxes you have available then draw a rough sketch so you have a guide. Clear a big space in your new living room or one of the kids bedrooms and get to work. If you have any feline friends moving with you then a cat fort will always go down well and it will actually help them settle into their new home by providing them with a safe place to hide during the chaos of unpacking.

And if building a fort isn’t for you then the local recycling centre is probably the sensible answer. You can find your nearest one here 

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