Our guide to moving home with young children

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What to do before you move.

Try to tell your children as early as possible that your moving, this gives them more time to get used to the idea. If you are moving far away the chances are that they will be upset at the thought of not seeing their friends, try to reassure them that you can go back to visit them.

Research the new area and tell your children about the exciting new opportunities they will have and if it’s possible take them on a day visit so they can familiarise themselves with the area they will be living in.

During the moving process

Give your children a sense of self control by involving them in the packing process. They may get upset seeing their belongings getting packed away so give them their own box to fill with their toys etc.

With young children its best to pack their toys at the last minute. This will help them to maintain a sense of comfort. We all know children love to ask questions so make sure you happily answer any questions they have about their move.

A great way to welcome to their new home is to cook their favourite dinner time meal a few days before the move, pop it in the freezer and then cook it for them for their first meal in their new house.

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Move day

Its best to keep your children away from the house on move day as it could be upsetting for them and will make getting organised a lot harder. If you can’t arrange for somebody to look after them, then you may want to keep them in a room in the house for as much of the process as possible and ask the removal men to work on that room last.

Upon moving into your new home, try to setup your children’s rooms first as this will give them a place to relax. Also, try to position furniture similar to how it was in your previous home to help them feel at home quicker.

During the move, try your best to remain calm and composed as your children will look to you for guidance and will feed off of your emotions. You could also play your children’s favourite songs throughout the move to keep them calm.

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Settling in

Aim to keep your routine the same as it was in your old home (i.e. have meals and go to bed at the same time). Doing so will help them to regain a sense of structure and routine and help them to settle in quicker.

It’s normal for children to act a bit differently soon after the move, don’t worry though as this is completely normal. Encourage your children to join local clubs so they will meet people their own age quicker.

Craig Keddie is the Managing Director at Kingdom Removals in Edinburgh. Craig has over 10 years of experience in home and business removals within Scotland, England, and Europe.
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