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If you are looking for Removals Edinburgh, Kingdom are your go-to moving company we operate in all regions of the UK. No matter your moving needs, whether it requires moving items and furniture in small apartments across town or if you need to relocate homes, we can help with Removals Edinburgh & Beyond.

Our capable movers can quickly get you to your new apartment, house or mansion with little to no trouble at all. We are one of Edinburgh's best movers; we accommodate any type of move from small furniture to large mansion move requests.

We have the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done safely and quickly. You won't have to worry about other moving issues because we provide a full moving guarantee and all our movers are highly trained and 100% insured.

Kingdom Removals also does office and business physical relocation. You can choose from a variety of vehicles appropriate for your move, from vans to larger trucks.

Removals Edinburgh

Andrew White

Well I would recommend these guys to all friends and family.. from start to finish they were a great bunch who took time and care and put myself and my wife as ease..Craig came round to our house gave us one amazing price and we gave the date 2nd November 2018 and they were their prompt on the time they gave to us.. all the men on the job were very friendly and helpful as we had loads off heavy items and took great care off all our furniture. They were moving us from bottom flat to top flat without any lifts . So you can imagine loads off stairs with very heavy items and furniture ...I would say to anyone looking to move look no further as they are a great team and wen I say team that’s exactly wot they are they work along with each other and very communicative and make sure that the items and furniture are treated with care and respect ... I was very stressed at moving but they defo put you at ease I’m saying I’m giving them 5 stars but I defo would give them 5stars plus that’s how good they are and to remind all they don’t stop till it’s finished ..welll guys Thanks so much sorry took our time in putting a review in we are now settled in our new flat and Thanks to you guys for making it stress free much appreciated ... hopefully not but if ever again I defiantly will be using you guys .

Andrew White
from start to finish they were a great bunch

Oyedokun Tunbosun Biodun

I’m glad I followed my instinct to call Kingdom Removals after a mere casual search on Google. I needed to move my family as quick as possible, and there was no time to compare companies, but in the end, I was very much satisfied with the service rendered by Kingdom Removals. It was a fantastic experience from the very first call to the end of the moving process. Craig was wonderful and has got great customer care. From the way he would repeatedly address me as ‘Sir’ (such a big title) to the series of compliments about how beautiful my two little girls are, it was just amazing and out of this world. I’ve never been treated that way by any service provider since coming into the UK. The team arrived in time, they were energetic and sharp, did the loading within a short time, and were cheerful throughout. The price was also good and Craig gave my family free ride in his personal car! When one box was missing due to us not checking the van properly to ensure all our belongings have been unloaded (even when we were asked to do so), Craig made all efforts for us to collect the box at the most convenient point at no extra cost. Ask me if I would recommend Kingdom Removals, my answer is definitely a BIG FAT YES! Thumbs-up to all the Kingdom Removals crew and to Craig in particular.

Oyedokun Tunbosun Biodun
Thumbs-up to all the Kingdom Removals crew

Helen Love

My move was fraught with difficulty, but Kingdom Removals went way above and beyond to make sure this happened for me. The move was from Edinburgh to a tiny Scottish island. Calmac almost cancelled the ferry the day before due to weather but the team went anyway just in case the ferry did go, heading off at 4am. As other ferries were cancelled it was decided at the last minute that the one they were waiting for would go. It was a high tide, Force 9 strong gale, big swell, very rough. Calmac gave the guys less than an hour to unpack as the weather was getting worse. They worked very hard to unpack, get everything where it should be and then had an even rougher journey back. Thanks so much for your diligence, care and determination.

Helen Love
Thanks so much for your diligence, care and determination.

Whether you are looking for removals in Edinburgh or relocating further afield in the UK, we can help make your move hassle-free and easy.

As a small family business, we offer a service which is tailored to meet your needs.
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